A different look at the risks and profit of a crypto trader Effective ability to increase and protect your capital
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We create a complete analogue of the stock option:
  • No variation margin.
  • With an understandable, unchanged Warranty.
  • With maximum protection on the principle of "Nobody - does not trust anyone."

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Trading platform

Who will buy options?

Speculators, hedgers and arbitrageurs. Traders who want to insure their open positions in the open market.

Who will sell the options?

Options will be sold by speculators and arbitrageurs. Traders that have open positions on the optional crypto-exchange Deribit

The platform records all your actions in the blockchain

The platform automatically carries out clearing and distributes coins between the participants

Smart contract </>
Our team

Dmitry Shikhalev

CEO & Founder

Alexey Tarabanov

Head of the Department of Analytics and Finance.

Igor Titov

Head of development and technical implementation of the project

Ilya Vorchuk


Ilya Komar

Web application, programming front-end. The developer of the platform.

Maxim Krochalev

The programmer of the whole platform. It depends on the functionality of the platform!

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